Sara McTavish

Skeleton Key Art Glass 

I love glass. Everything about it. I am so grateful every day that I have been able to live a life that is built around it. As a young art student at the University of Wisconsin, I remember seeing a box of stained glass scrap for the first time, and thinking, “I could play with that forever”, and I have.

I have worked very hard to create a life where I can successfully call myself Artist, Wife, and Mother every day. As a commissioned based, professional artist, I get to start with a clients idea, and use my creative input to to exceed that clients expectations with a finished product that will become a family heirloom, as all good art should. To me, stained glass evokes a feeling of rich history and tradition, and I have dedicated myself to maintaining that, while incorporating my own contemporary design. I am blessed to have an amazingly supportive family, and a beautiful, sun-filled studio, where I spend my days with my toddler, my dog, and abundant inspiration all around. I encourage any and all to come visit, create, collaborate, and experience the beauty of glass with me, anytime. ~ Sara